The Organic Pharmacy was founded by a pharmacist with over 20 years experience in providing health and well-being services to the community. We are a pharmacy that believes in combining modern therapies with traditional, natural approaches for maintaining and promoting health. Nourishing the body with natural organic produce combined with exercise and holistic health approaches can keep us healthy, fit and looking radiant.

Many chronic health and skin conditions can be attributed to the consumption of processed foods and the use of products loaded with toxic chemicals that are absorbed into the bloodstream. As a health care professional and mother of a young family I was very concerned about foods and products consumed within my own home. This led me to research products that embrace the principles of natural certified organic ingredients to enhance and sustain our health.

Our range of products are sourced from a number of niche suppliers who provide quality products with natural, certified organic and toxin free ingredients. Our value is in being able to offer advice across both natural approaches to health as well as modern pharmaceutical approaches to treating medical conditions.